[[Category Packet]] [[Category Packet 317]] {{packet|name=Force client setting|description=Forcefully alters a client setting value and default value to some supplied value.|opcode=36|type=Fixed|length=3|revision=317}} == Force Client Setting ==

=== Description ===

The client stores various user settings in an array, the default values are also stored in another array. This packet changes the default value for a setting and its current value to the one given.

=== Packet Structure ===

{| border=2 ! Data type ! Description |- | [[Data Types#Standard data types|Short]] [[Data Types#Byte Order|Little Endian]] | Setting ID number. |- | [[Data Types#Standard data types|Byte]] | New value (and default value) for the setting. |- |}

=== Other Information === Opcode 87 (length 6) is extremely similar in structure, but the new value is received as an Middle Endian Small Int. This suggests its for use with bigger setting values.