[[Category Packet]] [[Category Packet 317]] {{packet|name=Inventory Overlay|description=Overlays an interface on the inventory|opcode=248|type=Fixed|length=4|revision=317}} == Child Frame ==

=== Description ===

This packet overlays an interface in the inventory area. This is used in trading and staking.

=== Example ===

sendFrame248(3323, 3321);
That will set the open interface to interface 3323, which is the trade interface, with the inventory overlay interface as 3321, which is an inventory type interface with offer actions.

=== Packet Structure === {|border=2 ! Data Type ! Description |- | [[Data Types#Standard data types|Short]] [[Data Types#Non Standard data types|Special A]] | The interface to open. |- | [[Data Types#Standard data types|Short]] | The interface to overlay the inventory area. |- |}