[[Category Packet]] [[Category Packet 317]] {{packet|name=Send ignored users|description=Sends a list of all the ignored player IDs|opcode=214|type=VARIABLE_SHORT|length=N/A|revision=317}} == Send ignored users ==

=== Description ===

Sends the IDs of all the users that this player has in their ignore.

This packet has a slightly different structure than the other packets.

int entries = packetSize / 8; for (int i = 0; i < entries; i++) { ignoreList[i] = stream.readLong(); }

By looking at the rest of the 317 protocol, there doesn't seem to be a way to change the list dynamically. It seems as though that whenever the player decides to add or remove a player from their list, it must send all the values again.

=== Packet Structure === {|border=2 ! Data Type ! Description |- | [[Data Types#Standard Data Types|Long]] | The Unique Identifier of the player(s) (possibly determined by their username). |- |}