[[Category Packet]] [[Category Packet 317]] {{packet|name=Send message|description=Sends a server message, trade or duel request to the client's chat panel.|opcode=253|type=Variable Byte|length=N/A|revision=317}} == Send Message ==

=== Description ===

Sends a server side message (e.g. 'Welcome to RuneScape'), or trade/duel/challenge request.

The format for sending such requests is: '[player name][request type]'. Where request type can be one of the following: ':duelreq:', ':chalreq:' or ':tradereq:'. An example for trading the player 'mopar' would be: 'mopar:tradereq:'.

=== Packet Structure ===

{| border=2 ! Data type ! Description |- | [[RS String|RS String]] | The message. |- |}