[[Category Packet]] [[Category Packet 317]] {{packet|name=System update|description=Sends how many seconds until a 'System Update.'|opcode=114|type=Fixed|length=2|revision=317}} == System Update ==

=== Description ===

A timer showing how many seconds until a 'System Update' will appear in the lower left hand corner of the game screen. After the timer reaches 0 all players are disconnected and are unable to log in again until server is restarted. Players connecting will receive a message stating, "The server is being updated. Please wait 1 minute and try again." (unless stated otherwise).

=== Packet Structure ===

{| border=2 ! Data type ! Description |- | [[Data Types#Little Endian|Little Endian]] [[Data Types#Standard data types|Short]] | Time until an update. |- |}