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The JAGGRAB protocol is used to 'grab' cache files from the file server and download them.

It is a text-based protocol, similar to HTTP/0.9, and the client will fall back to HTTP if JAGGRAB is unavailable. This generally happens in unsigned mode and helps users who are behind firewalls.

Request format

A request is simply the text JAGGRAB, a space, the path to the file and a newline character. Therefore, it is very similar to a HTTP/0.9 GET request.

 JAGGRAB /path/to/file

New engine

In (perhaps all) new engine clients, the client prefixes the JAGGRAB request line with a single byte (value 17).

Response format

The response is simply the raw file data. Once the response is sent, the connection is closed.


There are a number of files which map to files in the cache.

  • /crc - the CRC table
  • /title - cache 0, file 1
  • /config - cache 0, file 2
  • /interface - cache 0, file 3
  • /media - cache 0, file 4
  • /versionlist - cache 0, file 5
  • /textures - cache 0, file 6
  • /wordenc - cache 0, file 7
  • /sounds - cache 0, file 8
NOTE: the client will usually postfix these with random numbers, so when checking for the file only the start of the string should be examined: not the whole one. This is to help avoid caches when these files are fetched over HTTP.
NOTE: The crc is postfixed with the client revision