Many of you may recall Graham and Blakeman's runewiki project - it contained very useful information about numerous client revision protocols and other resources. Unfortunately, the wiki and any backups of the database have been lost for over two years now (and there are no cached copies floating around). Because of this, we've decided (and have started) embarking on the journey of re-creating the wiki.

In regards to the aforementioned, we are now releasing the wiki to the public. Captcha has been added to the wiki to prevent abuse; and of course, backups have (and are continuously) being made of the database. Currently, the majority of the information covered is based on the #317 Protocol, JAGGRAB Protocol, Ondemand Protocol, Cache Archive Format, RS Data Types, and #202 Protocol. The format of the wiki is fairly laid out, so it will be quite easy to expand on certain topics. If anyone has any information on the other commonly used client revisions (or perhaps a new one) feel free to contribute.

RSWiki is hosted and maintained by the moparisthebest community.